Class of 2021

Instagram: @morganbouldes

Hello, You, Currently sitting by my window witnessing the symphony of life. I find no shame in a humble introduction. A pleasure it is to meet you. Know that I had you in mind as I wrote this. Painstaking it was trying to decipher which reduction of myself to feed you. No day is the same as the ones that preceded it and yet they’re all the same— and yet, I am not. I live life at the speed of light. Each part of me taking in some kind of information depending on the sense, not all of it will reach my mind at one time, but if I look long enough, I just might begin to see. Communication between us will be visual and audible. I may want to show you an image, a moving picture or I may just want to whisper to you. Here, the choices of the senses are given autonomy. We could converse through previously spoken voices and childhood tears. I don’t kiss and tell. I’ve been thinking sequentially about our existence here on this dimension—my conclusion is that we are alike. Finding how, why and in what ways is to be the sustenance of this journey that we are embarking on together. We are the Human Condition and this is my playscape. Welcome. Que Sera Sera, Morgan