STUDIO 2023 is a one-of-a-kind celebration of creativity. For nearly 90 years, Cranbrook Academy of Art (CAA) has been home to the world’s leading artists, designers, and architects. STUDIO provides unprecedented access to CAA’s current cohort of 100+ artists while generating essential funds to support scholarships for CAA students, CAA’s 11 departments, and programming at Cranbrook Art Museum.

STUDIO sponsors and ticket holders will enjoy:

  • a ticket to the STUDIO event and after-party
  • early access to an online Art Sale
  • in-person opportunities to purchase artwork
  • an in-person opportunity to explore the studios of Cranbrook artists

Virtual Art Sale
Access to the STUDIO Virtual Art Sale will begin Thursday, April 27th for event sponsors.
Public access will be available Saturday, April 29th at noon.
Check back April 27th for access to the sale!