Class of 2022
2D Design

Instagram: @cosmic_gloss

I think of design as a dualism between critical and commercial investigations. Graphic design is a growing field, coming a long way from classic logo-making and typeface work. My goal is synthesizing complex ideas into compelling situations for dialogue. Motivating ideas in my practice include language, religion, and symbiotic relationships. I want to create accessible work that doesn’t give all the answers but pushes for further action. By focusing on the world through a metamodernist lens and criticizing past humanist ideas, I’m hoping to find a more hopeful path that encourages attention to education and critical thinking. The critical art world also has proclivity towards gatekeeping from the public and that has to change. This isn’t about creating so-called “low-brow” work or “dumbing-down” subject matter but rather helping the audience trust themselves by making meaningful symbiosis and praxis for the benefit of society as a whole.