Elliot Avis

Class of 2022

Website: www.elliotavis.com
Instagram: @smelliotavis

Elliot Avis (B. 1995) is an artist from Philadelphia, who now lives and works in the Detroit area. He graduated from Denison University in 2018 with a BFA in studio art. He has exhibited in Columbus, New York City, London, Ann Arbor, and Boston. Elliot’s work exists in multiple mediums, painting, drawings, sculpture, performance, and installation. Elliot works with different series, exploring everything from the history of the vessel to the gender and character archetypes associated with strongman masculinity, or the digital worlds that have changed perceptions of reality. These series are all united by a playful childlike approach to mark-making, paint application, and love for materiality. This playfulness is not for the sake of naivety though, it is to remove hierarchy and highlight form. Each series culminates into an immersive mixed-media installation that creates a narrative for the viewer to dissect. Not unlike how an archaeologist or art historian tries to understand an ancient civilization from pottery, frescoes, and architecture. Unlike an archaeologist though who claims to understand the world as a matter-of-fact Elliot recontextualizes each subject to see it through an inclusive, playful, and absurd lens.