Zick Zack – Accordian (After Issey Miyake), Kira Keck, Fiber ’22


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    6 x 6 in

    cotton embroidery floss on penelope cloth

    Based on an embroidery sample created as a way of combating ready-made color in my work, I developed a stitching technique which creates an image that is painterly yet graphic. This spawned a series of embroideries which I continue today. Oblique lines obscure the primordial square grid. Color dominates and dissolves, asserting itself in an undulating field. Linear pattern competes with actual texture through stitch. Translations of these elements into different textile structures lead to a deeper understanding of how the system operates. Hand making and digital processes allow me to explore pictorial representation, abstraction, illusion, and the tension between surface and structure. The work becomes manifold through each new procedure and apparatus, revealing its metaphorical qualities. I uncover the logic and confusion of a self-imposed system as I contemplate the meta-textile.

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    Kira Keck is an Artist-Weaver, Designer-Craftsman, and a they/them lesbian who primarily works with text and textiles. Kira translates their ideas into functional and conceptual objects, questioning divisions of art/craft/design. Kira received a BFA in Fiber in 2016 from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Upon graduation, they were awarded a Windgate Fellowship which allowed them to explore weaving pedagogy and establish a studio. During this time they attended craft and folk schools including Vävstuga, a Swedish weaving school, in Shelburne Falls, MA. Kira is a current MFA candidate at Cranbrook Academy of Art where they continue to explore fiber departments as historically homosocial spaces, the erotic potential of textiles, and towels. They have been an artist in residence at Fabric of Life in Shelburne Falls, MA, the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers and Uniforms in Long Beach, CA, and Praxis Fiber Workshop’s Digital Weaving Lab in Cleveland, OH. Kira is a 2022 Center for Craft Career Advancement Fellow. They currently live and work in Pontiac, MI with their romantic partner/artistic collaborator Jane and a tiny dog.


    Artist’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erotic_macrame/

    Artist’s Portfolio Site: https://kirakeckportfolio.cargo.site/