Yellow Banana Tower, Erika NJ Allen, Ceramics ’23


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    16″ x 9.5″

    Stoneware, glaze, underglaze, gold luster

    The Yellow Banana Tower is inspired by the bananas we eat today. My work is intuitive, meaning I start with an idea and once I start shaping the material there is a mutual understanding on the direction it should take.
    The gold luster is not seen in this picture but it is there, playing the role of capitalism.
    This piece of work is currently installed at the Cranbrook Art Museum, as part of my GDE site-specific mural installation.

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    Erika NJ Allen is a Guatemalan born artist, and a first-generation college student. While pursuing her BFA she went through a hysterectomy that changed the trajectory of her life and practice. Using ceramics, fresh produce, and analog photography as vehicles, she seeks to engage life and death. As she continues to find ways in which clay and fruit can live together – just like a body lives with an implanted object – her journey to improve the human condition through art will go on. Each work of art visualizes Allen’s diet which plays a key role in her healing, both mentally and physically, while attempting to convey a feeling of resilience. The process of the ‘making’ has become therapeutic, allowing for vulnerabilities to become known and easy to share with the goal to encourage others to open to their own challenges and resilience.

    It is through the process of curiosity and experimentation while healing, that she found her voice as an artist. And through that discovery she developed her own organic glaze from the produce she digests, which she uses in her ceramic work.