WWW, Jackie Rushing, Print Media ’23


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    Silkscreen on hand-marbled paper

    “When I was a kid, we would go to the lake, and on the drive home, the grass would move like water. I haven’t felt the cool touch of the water on my skin in too long. Not that I don’t regularly stand as the droplets beat against my back, but I haven’t jumped and been enveloped in so long. The cool relief as you submerge into the blissful water, but it’s the idea of water, water water water, chlorine, pee, flies, mostly flies. I’m forgetting what it feels like water water water. It’s not me, it’s you, not you, it’s me me me me me me me. If there wasn’t a breeze I would melt. But not like I used to, the sun beating down on my skin, burning and burning and burning. When you think about me, which version do you see? Sometimes I check my phone just to feel less alone – sometimes I check if you’ve changed. I just want you to see me.”

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    I steal home videos from the internet and rotoscope figures from this space of the past and place them into the chaos of cyberspace. Our movements, our interests, and our deepest secrets, from the past and present, can be dissected online. The connection between the dot matrix of CMYK, cyberspace, home videos, and the blue screen allows me to dive through the nostalgia of the past through our current technology.