WRATH, Morgan Bouldes


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oil paint on canvas


Sold as a set

Thoughts behind the work: “I used every color in my box. In Undergrad I started painting to prove to myself and others that I was truly an Artist. The beef between Photography and Painting is legendary and I found myself right in the middle of it without even noticing. That was then. Now I tried to push myself to make something pretty for you, but I can no longer parade something so foreign to me. I tried to make you something pretty, I did, I promise. Instead, the rage behind the desire to impress the rich and white came out. Now, I’m at the end of my educational journey and I’ll never be able to perform for you again. I give you my last painting, pallette, rag, brush and all. Cheers.”

Item ships from Troy, MI. Domestic shipping included. Local delivery available before May 31st.

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