Wedding Cake, Chelsea Romeo Allen, Sculpture ’22

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    10 x 10 x 4 inches
    Spackle, caulk, wood putty, plumbing glue, spray foam
    Victoria Pastry in San Francisco has been making this cake since 1911. It was both my grandparents’ and parents’ wedding cake. In my version, the cake is made of plumbing materials in an homage to my grandfather, father, and uncle – all plumbers.

    I make work with the material and aesthetic byproducts of working class life in order to unravel narratives which perpetuate economic falsIties and meritocratic myths. I utilize video, performance, sculpture, archival research, and photography. My family, especially my father, feature heavily in my work. I pull from autobiographical experiences to ask questions and reveal unflattering truths about financial hardship and its implications on romance, family, body, and desire. Tenderness, personality, and exertion are both material and antidote.

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