Two Domestic Fly Incidents, Alice Yutong Hua, Painting ’23

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    About 12x19x11 feet

    Mixed media

    A room size installation that the audience are guided to walk through a prescribed pathway (from left to right on image) – the side of the installation was removed for photo taking.

    Born in Shanghai, Hua finished high school in Canada, earned a BA majoring in fine art, and minoring in chemistry and music from Colby College. She then moved to Chicago and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After a few years of relocating and searching, she currently is an MFA painting candidate at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She now lives and works in China and the US.

    She works with a catalogue of records. By collecting and organizing memory, trace, or simply proof of the passing time that are constantly occurring in our contemporary life, she gains the initial momentum of a piece. It is then layered and expanded into a contextualized narrative that deploys the innate quality of the media, whether tangible or intangible. If the conversation has been activated successfully, we, as a collective, will share this incidental experience.

    IG: @aliceyutonghua