Township Dream Home, Cooper Holoweski


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Acrylic, Xerox Transfer, Silkscreen Collage, and Graphite on Paper

25.5″ x 22″

Our grandfathers worked in factories so that our parents could be engineers and we could be executives; all with homes in the suburbs to shelter our cars and boats and children.
Things Were Perfect is about the dream of a middle-class utopia; its rapid development, collapse, and our longing for it. The promise of Fordism was not simply that of a livable wage, but also one of social engineering that extended beyond the factory and into the home. These works on paper combine traditional techniques of painting and drawing with computer-aided 3D modeling to create an atmosphere that is both opulent and stark. With imagery including AstroTurf, vinyl-sided houses, and the Ford Country Squire Station Wagon, my work carries a sincere nostalgia for the capitalist utopia of the 20th century and understanding that it never really existed.

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