To Hold, Yuyu Chen, 3D Design ’23

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    ceramic, wood

    “To Hold” is part of a larger collection. My practice is about testing boundaries. In this project, our daily rituals such as Drinking and Eating are being questioned. These objects are familiar but confound the ease use. I am questioning how people’s interpretations of new situations shape behaviors and forms. The Nesting Tea Set is part of an experimental study for reinterpreting everyday eating rituals. I am interested in finding the right balance in the composition of shapes, colors, and layers, and assembling an abstract landscape on the table.

    Yuyu Chen is an artist and designer, born in Taiwan, and currently based in Detroit, Michigan. She received a scholarship from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, and moved to the area to earn her Master’s in 3D design (2023). She also holds a MAS Diplôma in Luxury and Craftsmanship from Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (Ecal), in Lausanne, Switzerland (2020).

    Trained in communication, graphic arts, and the fashion industry. She moved to the U.S in 1995. With her academic graphic arts background, she incorporates her skills in a new context to create clever home objects and accessories with an underlying functionality. She is interested in the use of humble materials, such as ceramics, or glass in contemporary design.
    She has traveled extensively in Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia countries to reflect on her work and life so far since 2016. She is deeply inspired by different cultures and places. These geographical transit and life experiences have influenced her work today.

    IG: @ychn___