Timelessness, Ryan Genena, 4D Design ’22


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    Copper, PLA plastic, steel, microelectronics, LED light

    Timelessness is programmed to acclimate to its surroundings by changing rhythm relative to the energy around it, like a tree, planet, human, or even the elements within. To convey a narrative of interconnection, the form semantics and material selection is inspired by the evolution of natural systems and growth. For example, copper has aged with civilization for millennia, DNA symbolizes evolution, and light is the guiding force. To respond to the surroundings I programmed a microphone module that detects decibels and corresponds to the speed of the light animation, so when the room is loud and full of energy, the light animates faster and very subtle when the environment is quiet.

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    Currently pursuing an MFA in 4D Design with an elective in Sculpture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in beautiful Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, my work focuses on pushing conceptual understandings of object-oriented semantics through the use of light, form, and technology.

    As an avid traveler having spent significant periods of time in various countries across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, I often draw upon cultural insights that provide a high level of awareness to my work.


    Instagram: @rtg4d