Through the Interface (Why I Got a VPN), Jackie Rushing, Print Media ’23


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    Lenticular print mounted on Dibond

    Digital collage lenticular print, edition 2 of 3. This large scale lenticular print acts as a desktop background that has been hacked. Showing the stages of my making process, the print includes images of my home video archive, video players, and a graph of levels from photoshop. At the bottom of the image you can see the icons from the Windows toolbar. The figure on the right side is climbing into a pop-up of Windows paint. She wants to exist within cyber space, while the left figure is stepping out of the media player and is looking back, unsure whether this space is what’s right for her. It’s hard to come to terms with the digital archive and the pop up in the top left corner hints to that, saying “You don’t currently have permission to access this memory”. What happens if we upload our box of VCR home videos to the internet for safe storage?

    This work is currently on view at Cranbrook Art Museum.  It will be available for pick up after May 20th.  Item is located in Royal Oak, MI. Local pickup available. Shipping unavailable.

    I steal home videos from the internet and rotoscope figures from this space of the past and place them into the chaos of cyberspace. Our movements, our interests, and our deepest secrets, from the past and present, can be dissected online. The connection between the dot matrix of CMYK, cyberspace, home videos, and the blue screen allows me to dive through the nostalgia of the past through our current technology.