They Have Given So Much // This Has Taken So Much, Walker Walls Tarver, Painting ’23


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    Oil Paint, Acrylic, Pastel, Wax, Family Archive, Sugar, Vaseline


    Item is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Local pickup available. This work can be shipped via professional art shipper ONLY. Contact for a custom shipping quote.

    Walker Walls Tarver is a visual artist exploring new trajectories for old histories as she seeks to give pushed-aside names and voices new life as she navigates questions of performance, inheritance, access, and belonging as a white-appearing black woman. She views painting as a spiritual and political practice of synthesization through which her research into family archives and her community-based food practice coalesce into complex mind maps. Born in California but raised in New Jersey, Walls Tarver received her BA in Studio Art from Colorado College, and is currently based in Detroit, MI, where she is pursuing her MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art as a member of the inaugural class of Gilbert Fellows.

    IG: @nftg0ddess