The Orchid and the Metal, Luis Quintanilla, 2D Design ’24


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    16 inches Long x 16 inches Wide

    Graphite on Paper

    From a computational anthropology perspective, culture is viewed as a computational system. The ways in which sexually deceptive orchids adapt and evolve to attract pollinators can be seen as a form of computation, as they are constantly processing and responding to their environment. Their ability to mimic the scent, shape, and color of insects is an example of their incredible adaptability and survival strategy. This strategy of borrowing and incorporating elements from other cultures can be seen as a metaphor for the way that queer subcultures operate. Queer subcultures can also be seen as computational systems as they too are constantly processing and responding to the cultural and social environment in which they exist, often adopting and remixing elements of mainstream culture to create their own unique identities, a response that tends towards self-defense and retribution; not pride and dress for copulation.

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    Luis is a designer constantly on the hunt to bottom out issues and redeem them on the level at which they are happening. Their practice is bookended by research and lived experiences Dj-ing the haptic, cyber, and spiritual that matriculates through the intricate matrices that connect us all. Revealing narratives through publishing enables Luis to create visual and text-based artifact that don’t ask for attention but demand it!

    IG: @sixshotmokapot