The gift party, di chai, 4D Design ’23

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    40 inch x 40 inch

    Ceramic, chewing gum, tufting, fake pearls

    ‘I gave you my gift at first, now give me your gift.’ This is a story about uncomfortable feelings about relationships. By forcing participants to spit out their gum into the artist’s hands and forcing them to accept the artist’s hypocritical thanks, the artist attempts to tell the story of how uncomfortable relationships can make us hypocritical but deeply vulnerable in the age of the epidemic.

    Di Chai is a UX designer, born in China. She focuses on new tech experience in communication, efficiency, finance, and health, and researches media interaction and invention. Di graduated as one of the top three Chinese Language majors in China with a bachelor’s degree, and is currently studying 4D Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art. As a full-stack designer, Di has a rich cross-industry experience. She has been engaged in branding design, visual design, UI design, and UX design. She is good at solving complex designing problems. When she faces those troubles, she is skilled at using powerful thinking tools, such as design thinking, speculative design, and storytelling disciplines. Di has served with JBL, Dayu DPU, Southeast Wood, Southeast Ecology, Zhide, Scibot Tech, Shengda, Shixiang Tech, Rendanruoju Fund and other enterprises. Di’s gorgeous and creative work has saved her clients lots of time and money, achieving visual and commercial success. Her work successfully helped Shixiang Technology Co., Ltd. complete their project financing, and she helped Mianzhuwu solve problems related to brand upgrading.