Swivel Table, Breanne Johnson, 3D Design ’23


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    28 x 60 x 60 inches

    Baltic birch, steel tubing, turntable hardware

    The Swivel Table is a rotating dining table that questions the ways that we relate to one another and share space around a table, considering the table as a kind of ritual stage. A single unit with an entire top that spins, this table connects people physically and metaphorically. The program of the table has been reimagined to suggest new methods of use, arrangement and gathering. Topography disrupting any symmetrical arrangement atop the table surface encourages the user to contemplate the relationship between the surface and the things laid down upon it with each use or activation.

    Shown recently at Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, and the Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor

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    Breanne Johnson is an artist and self-taught new designer living and working in Detroit, Michigan. She holds Bachelor of Art degrees in Visual Art and Political Science from the University of Chicago. Born in California, Breanne shares citizenship with the United States and the island country Curaçao. Her design work focuses on provisional architectures and furniture objects that examine our relationship to the social and physical spaces we inhabit. She studies her own lived experience and home life for moments and situations that cater to an expanded sense of living, be that through connection, reverence, intimacy or play, and builds her artistic practice by interrogating the objects that comprise her built landscape, asking to what extent they facilitate, stunt, or otherwise flavor our social, personal and interpersonal connections. Breanne was the recipient of awards to attend Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Ox-Bow School of Art this summer, and last summer was awarded the Pophouse Design Fellowship. She will have work included at WANTEDDESIGN art fair in New York this spring, and has recently shown work at I.M.Weiss Gallery, Logan Center Exhibitions, Detroit Artist Market, and the Ann Arbor Art Center. Currently an MFA candidate in the 3D Design Department, Breanne is slated for graduation in May.


    IG: @beaijo