Support Me, Maddie McGinn, Print Media ’22


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    14″ x 10.75″

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    Through lithography, relief prints, photographs, and drawings, my process has enabled me to set a tone that utilizes a productive mode of seeking – after the meaning of loss through language, creativity, and a vast host of symbiotic production. By growing within this discipline, I am able to present a timeline through journaling from multiple family members, further pushing this act of reminiscence. Much of my practice has relied on the wispy nature of memory, and how we can recall them through being together.
    I have worked through continued experiences of chronic migraines with visual auras that diminish my ability to see and feel anything other than pain central to my head. I have been leaning into the idea of an aura as a lost thing, and that can be taken quite literally in some of the work that I have been creating, but also losing oneself and trying to figure my way back through. The work is becoming a confrontation of oneself, and how our perception of ourselves becomes distorted.