Style Sketches, Mitch Frank, Fiber ’22

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    Pen and pencil sketch with digital color

    Sketches of upcoming apparel items

    My growing clothing line is the result of a production process in which I shepherd materials “from grass to garment” with a radical commitment to environmentally conscious design and manufacturing. My clothes are inspired by the ethic of workwear, intended for comfort and long use. These are clothes that can be relied upon to join the wearer in everyday life, connecting them to a deeply considered making process. Each stage (spinning, dyeing, weaving, and sewing) is a work of craft in itself; my efforts to examine and reduce environmental impact permeate each one. Whether building a no-waste dye frame from a 1700s textile manual, designing and fabricating a hand-held loom to efficiently weave fabric samples, or harnessing solar power to heat dye baths in a public installation, my process exemplifies environmental stewardship and results in beautiful, earthy garments for modern wear.