Soft Robot, Emily Bommarito, 4D Design ’22

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    18x24x20 inches

    Polyurethane foam, silicone, electronics

    Soft Robot is a bio-inspired robot, powered by pneumatics. If Soft Robot becomes aware of the presence of a viewer or onlooker, he will play dead. Once assumed safe, Soft Robot will return to his simulation of life.

    Emily Bommarito is a 4D designer from Dearborn, Michigan working in the realm of human-centered interaction. Originally trained in Product Design focused on Ceramics at Wayne State University. Her processes rely on behavioral research, mould-making, and applied technologies. Emily’s interest in sustainability and nurture plays a key role in creating art, and exploring how to initiate the solicitude of self, others, and robotic beings to create a more empathetic world. Michigan’s connection to the Great Lakes and rich industrial history has influenced Emily’s thinking around art-making and production. Her work at Cranbrook often responds to an imagined future through the creation of interactive and artificial beings. Emily’s dog, Stella the puggle, is her number one supporter in the studio.