Snow Pillar Slow Motion Dance, Ryan Andrew David, Architecture ’22


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    The artist will install a large set of rammed snow pillars in the buyers backyard using the snow from the buyers own property. The pillars will melt and wiggle at various speeds creating a slow motion snow dance where all the actor end on the ground and become part of the earth again. Works take between 1-3 days to complete.

    The artist will travel anywhere in the world, but the buyer must supply their own snow and cover the cost of travel and room. Buyers will also be asked to submit dimensions of their backyard to the artist.

    Item is located in Washington DC. Shipping available for an additional fee. Contact for a custom shipping quote.

    Ryan Andrew David is an artist and designer who splits their time between the Northeast Megalopolis and and the Sonoran High Desert. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University, and is a former resident of the Arcosanti Urban Laboratory.

    David’s multidisciplinary practice utilizes sculpture, installation, and performance to investigate architecture, the built environment, and the urban condition. His work analyzes space and place in minute detail, looking for indications of past histories and drawing new associations to envision possible futures. His most recent work investigates performance architecture.