sign here, Ena Kantardžić, 4D Design ’24


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    my whole life

    “sign here” is an intimate studio-experience. I will tattoo the name of your choosing (maximum 3 words) on my thigh in a private 1 hour show that will exist through a webcam.

    You may not record or document the performance.

    The tattoo is permanent.

    The deliverables will be a certificate and a link to the performance.

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    Ena Kantardžić (b. 1994) is an American artist who speaks the tongue of a place they have never lived. Born a refugee in Germany, they equivocate notions of displacement with a lack of commitment to a medium. With a background in technical event production, they value spatial effects of gathering and belonging. Having spent years in Boston’s gay clubs, their works aim to function like the communication that occurs in nightlife, which must be reduced to the essential amidst so much noise.