SANCTUARY FOR SALE VOL. I, Mason Goolsby, 2D Design ’23


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    7 x 10″


    This book is a personal archive of church buildings for sale in the South of the United States. It delves into the loss of community and resources, as well as spirituality, through the lens of the sale of these historic and iconic structures. The use of photographs from online listings explores the loss of these “third spaces” in communities in the south. The book serves as a reflection on the changing nature of religion and community in the modern world.

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    Mason Goolsby was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up as a queer person in the “Bible Belt” brings unique hardships. Religious organizations and faith communities often ostracize those who live openly in this region of the country. His values, spirituality, and identity have been shaped by such experiences. He explores queerness, spirituality, religion, and sexuality through his design, art, and writing practices.

    IG: @saint.mase