MISSING: HAVE YOU SEEND THESE FISH(Ver.6), Sakurako Reed, Print Media ’23


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    These risograph prints were plastered through the Cranbrook campus as well as a local Starbucks. Unfortunately, the members of One Fish, Two Fish, More Fish, Dead Fish! were ripped from their mourning environment and hidden in the nearby woods. Not once, but twice. After the second incident, 5 of the 13 weren’t found. So what was there to do, but let the world know they were missing, and ask for help?

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    Sakurako Reeds’ work examines the intersection of being something, not being something, and how those somethings are defined. Through the use of various mediums and reoccurring motifs, her work is characterized by humor, play, language, and some potentially sad scenarios. Ultimately, she seeks to create work that resonates with audiences on a visceral level, evoking emotions and sparking conversations about what it means to exist as a human.


    IG: @hiiyashi__