Proximal 1 (close enough), Carmichael Jones, Sculpture ’22

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    40”x8.5”x12.5” or 5’x4’ installed

    image transfer on acrylic, ratchet straps, hardware.

    The title “Proximal” orients us as being near. Proximal is defined by Oxford Languages as “situated nearer to the center of the body or the point of attachment”. Or applied in a geological context: “relating to or denoting an area close to a center of a geological process such as sedimentation or volcanism”. The “Proximal” works use tension as a material force to shape form. “Proximal 1 (close enough)” uses a repeated image of light printed on forms shaped by tension, to ask questions of transparency and opacity, legibility and poetics.

    Carmichael Jones works in installation, sculpture, film, photography and performative objects to upend parameters of the encounter and orientation. Often playful and slightly irreverent, their work addresses political concerns of communication and what it means to be a body in relation; the structure of seeing and being seen. This approach is reflexive, mirroring back the bodily aspects of viewing to expose the nuances of encountering. Consequently, Jones queers the act of art viewing through their use of material and spatial contradictions with an emphasis placed on edges or the periphery. Based in Philadelphia, they hold an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and have taught classes at Tyler School of Art and Architecture and University of the Arts among others. They’ve shown at Vox Populi and The Museum of Glass among others. Jones is creative co-director of The Whole Shebang and a former fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America.

    IG: @captcarmikes