Private Home Tours, Ryan Andrew David, Architecture ’22


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    The artist

    Reveal the secrets of your home. The Artist will guide the buyer on a 2 hour long tour of the buyers own home, which the artist has never seen before. The Buyer will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their home 1 month prior to the tour date. The artist will then arrive at their doorstep at the prearranged date and time, wine and cheese under arm, to provide a private architectural tour of the home. Please no photography or video during the tour. The buyer will receive a signed “Reference Sheet” for their unique property, containing the reference notes for the tour.The buyer will then be asked to e/mail a short “yelp” review to the artist.

    The artist will travel to any home in the world and the buyer is responsible for covering travel and room costs. Any and all CDC recommended COVID protocol should be taken during the tour. The artist is fully vaccinated. Tours can be scheduled a minimum of 2 months after purchase, and up until the day I die.

    Ryan Andrew David is an artist and designer who splits their time between the Northeast Megalopolis and and the Sonoran High Desert. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University, and is a former resident of the Arcosanti Urban Laboratory.

    David’s multidisciplinary practice utilizes sculpture, installation, and performance to investigate architecture, the built environment, and the urban condition. His work analyzes space and place in minute detail, looking for indications of past histories and drawing new associations to envision possible futures. His most recent work investigates performance architecture.