Presence, Reed Smith, 2D Design ’23


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    6.5′ x 4′ x 6″

    Airbrush and acrylic on canvas

    Presence was created using a process that emphasized the way in which the subject was painted just as much as the explicit subject matter itself. Through a deliberate act of abstraction through close examination, the work seeks to uncover feelings of beauty and warmth in odd and unsettling imagery.

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    Reed Smith is an artist and graphic designer who explores the delicate balance of conflicting emotions, particularly the interplay between shame and love. His work often employs anatomical and biological references as symbolic representations of internal spaces, ultimately aiming to beautify and warm subject matter that could be considered unpleasant as a way of paralleling internal investigations of shame and the love that remedies it.

    IG: @reedo_reedo_reedo