Portsmiff, Cydney Camp, Painting ’23

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    Oil paint and oil stick on canvas

    A portrait of two cars parked in a lot at sunset

    Cydney Camp (b. 1994, Detroit) is an artist whose oil paintings and drawings investigate the Black psyche and experience in America. She lovingly deconstructs the figure to explore these complexities of contemporary life to depict Black, often femme, subjects existing in familiar, yet alternative realities. Her subjects continually come together and fall apart. Their multitude of identities and modes of being probe a nonlinear lived experience in real time. Distorted perspectives, abstract compositional strategies, and a sensorial color palette forms dreamlike scenes that suggest an experience outside the exploitative extraction of the Black body that pervades our broader cultural ethos.

    Camp has exhibited across Detroit and Michigan, including at K.O. Gallery, Norwest Gallery, Ann Arbor Art Center, Center for Detroit Arts & Culture, Detroit Fiber Works, and many more. She lives and works in Hamtramck, Detroit.


    Instagram: @repunxel