Pond Paper Chair, Breanne Johnson, 3D Design ’23


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    56.5 x 19.5 x 19 inches

    Pond paper, tree branches, milled pine, staples, kitchen twine.

    One in a series of three chairs made at Nance Klehm’s residency Chop Wood Carry Water in the Driftless Region in Freeport, IL. The Pond Paper chair is clad in a naturally occurring paper that forms in the prairie at its lowest point, as water there moves, gathers and recedes. The overall dimension of the pond has increased significantly in the 7 years Nance has lived on the property, a result of the permaculture work she’s done, rehabilitating the native landscape. As the water disintegrates and pulps the surrounding grasses, new and dried fibrous grasses weave through it, and it coagulates into a thin, nest-like ecosystem for snails, algae and microorganisms, until it is left to dry and harden in the sun. I submerged the paper in water before wrapping it around a wooden chair frame made from gathered tree branches and a milled pine seat, and sewed it together with kitchen twine, leaving white bows exposed at the back.

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    Breanne Johnson is an artist and self-taught new designer living and working in Detroit, Michigan. She holds Bachelor of Art degrees in Visual Art and Political Science from the University of Chicago. Born in California, Breanne shares citizenship with the United States and the island country Curaçao. Her design work focuses on phenomenological home items and furniture that examines our relationship to the social and physical spaces we inhabit. She enjoys thinking about the home, broadly, as an ever-changing and malleable space. As both an artist and designer, Breanne identifies strongly as a creative problem solver, and grapples with a diverse range of problems through a diverse range of media; she has been, and remains, a carpenter, a painter, a filmmaker, a performance artist, a host, a landscape artist, a space-maker, a clothing designer, a printmaker, a metalworker, a ceramicist, a sculptor, a writer, an archaeologist, a cook and a sandwich artist. She would like her various projects and investigations to grant her the freedom to play. She has exhibited work at Logan Center Exhibitions, Detroit Is The New Black, and in the 2021 Cranbrook Chair Show. Breanne recently participated in Chop Wood Carry Water residency in northern Illinois. Currently an MFA candidate in the 3D Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Breanne is slated for graduation in 2023.


    IG: @beaijo