PIERCE, Reed Smith, 2D Design ’23


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    5 feet x 3 feet x 1 Inch

    Acrylic Paint, Oil Stick, Ink Image Transfers, Canvas

    Painting using a variety of mark making processes, varying from traditional painting and drawing to digital ink transfers using Gloss Medium. Price includes shipping.

    Item is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Local pickup available. Shipping not available.

    Reed Smith is a multimedia artist interested in the ways in which we harmonize our inner experience with our external world. His work, ranging from large scale drawings, paintings, sculpture, and digital design, aims to explore the ways in which the human experience requires these sorts of reconciliations- balancing acts between our individuality and our groupness, our biology and our environment, and our body and our own mind. Currently completing his first year at Cranbrook, Smith hopes to continue to find more visual language around these topics as he works to develop alongside his classmates in the 2D Department of Design.

    Instagram: @_reedosmith