ORIGINAL PRACTICE BLUEPRINT, McKenna Quandt, Sculpture ’22


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    Vellum, silver pins, blue construction paper, white ink pen, and pencil.

    This drawing is a part of a larger installation but lives on it’s own as a seperate piece.

    A translucent white sheet of vellum is laid on top of a blue rectangular thick paper that both blueprints and represents time and memory. On top of the vellum is the blueprint of the basketball court, also known in other spaces as well, including the violence of practice and performance in competitive dance team visuals.

    The sheet beneath depicts the rooms, the spacing – measurements of my family home.

    Home, a place of intimacy, relaxation, comfort in contrast to a court – a place where people are entertained and exert themselves. Home becomes a controlling and imposing space where demands replace intimacy. Order is a problem.

    The blue and white floor tape is reminiscent of field markers which creates a space understood through competition. Because of the taped boundaries on the floor, there is a controlling force which entraps.

    The tape…order is a problem…divides the room into cornered and organized borders. Within the movement and placement of the tape, the viewer is shown how to navigate and move around…order is a problem…in the space.

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    Conversations are challenging, but even more challenging when trying to manifest ourselves to people who hold our essence as leverage. In response,  I use explore performance and language centered around the body and activation of movement.

    Within my work, I am examining and attempting to understand the spaces of control, organized structure, surveillance, reaction, impact, recovery, and learned behavior through connections between home and sport.

    IG: @mckennaquandtart