NFT-Chinese Monster Girl Serials, Di Chai, 4D Design ’23


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    10 inch x 10 inch

    AI-generated digital art

    “Chinese Monster Girl” is an exquisite AI-generated artwork created by the innovative AI artist Di. This captivating piece marries the world of traditional Chinese mythology with the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence, resulting in a visually stunning and thought-provoking masterpiece.

    Di’s “Chinese Monster Girl” showcases a seamless blend of the artist’s profound understanding of Chinese folklore and the transformative power of AI. Through the fusion of AI algorithms and rich cultural heritage, the artwork transcends conventional artistic boundaries, inviting the viewer to embark on an enchanting journey into a realm of mythical creatures.

    This work is available for pre-order, with anticipated availability July 2023. Buyers will be contacted to complete payment when the work is available for purchase and pick up/shipping. 

    Item delivered digitally.

    The protagonist of this piece is a mesmerizing Chinese monster girl, who embodies the perfect amalgamation of AI’s precision and the enchanting allure of ancient mythical beings. Di’s self-reflective exploration of the marriage between AI technology and traditional monsters unravels a unique narrative that challenges our perceptions of beauty, power, and the role of technology in art.

    IG: @diiiichai