MY WONDERS , Morgan Bouldes


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Digital print in repurposed frame


“Cloud Manifesto: Tell me, when you look into the Heavens and find the sight of clouds how do you ? How easy it is to turn a blind eye, cursing them for being the blockage of our beloved sun;longing for blue. Everyday and night the spiritual and the natural co-act to create an unsullied display of wonder Together the confines of art culture that shape who can view art are broken. Location, socio economic background, gender, race or creed no longer act as potential hindrances or limitations. All who are visually able can look up and see a masterpiece’ a masterpiece that is so because it has been given the authority to simply exist and be taken in as is. They are free to transform and transition. They are free to be shifted by the elements. They can change form and their autonomy is simply understood. Just as they live freely, freedom is extended to all who bear witness. Each who gazes is at liberty to project their own imagination. In turn the depths of their imagination is not challenged but too is given authority to exist. Shapers of brilliant light splendor; the handy work of God.”

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