Moderately Notable Area, Peter Bjorndal, 2D Design ’22


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    70 x 40 x 2.5″

    High resolution satin Fujiflex silver halide photo paper on ACM backing with French cleat

    Business first: As seen in the Cranbrook GDE show! There will be a total of three of these made. One is in the GDE show, and the other two will be made to order. Please note that if you order, you will have to wait until the GDE show is over to receive it. There is about a three week turnaround on ones made to order. The source image is extremely high resolution and can be printed up to 35 feet wide at 300 dpi. Contact me for printing options at larger sizes. I will print up to one print at a larger size.

    About the work:
    The night sky is one of the oldest existential quandaries, and some of the oldest known artworks are reimagionations of constellations. When we look at the stars, we wonder how we got here, why we got here, and how long we’ll be here. It is safe to say that throughout the entire run of our species, we will never know the answers to these questions. However, we do control the answer to another pressing existential question: what will we do with our time while we are alive? Moderately Notable Area encourages one to look to the stars and one’s neighbors, and realize that the only way to live in a better world requires one to imagine something seemingly impossible and commit to its creation. Whether it be recreating an image of the universe out of abstract shapes or lobbying to change one’s city’s archaic zoning laws, the future is in the hands of all those alive right now. Believe in radical hope!

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    Peter Bjorndal is an artist from the midwest. His free time has been spent making visual art, producing music, and learning about the philosophy of science and economics. He holds a degree in technical writing from the University of Minnesota. He spent four years being paid to direct comedy music videos. Now he spends his time making visual art and music, much of that for his record label and creative basic research organization, Friendly Puppy Music and The Friendly Puppy Music Centre for Basic Research.