Meadow, cosmic_gloss


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Spray Foam, Acrylic paint, spray paint, gouache, spackling paste

65″ W x 40″ H x 8″ thick

The piece before you is a de-territorialized tracing of mold growth, mimicking the colors and formations found in nature with the process of piping plaster like frosting. The foam elements themselves imitate eukaryotic growth formations, shadowing the bacteria that grows alongside it, further mingling what translates as delicious and disgusting.

Why do we use descriptors for these genres that include “noisy” and “frivolous” and look down our nose at it in favor of so-called minimalism as if only associating ourselves with the basics is the be-all and end-all? I don’t find a reductionist view to be intrinsically negative, but I believe at times it gets turned into this golden calf in design that contributes to a toxic view of anything more wanting. As men often say themselves, men do not live on bread alone. Man, when you pack for your lonely mission to Mars, will you think “I hope I have just the essentials”? “I’m glad I packed only the necessities”? Don’t you crave more than that? Man, don’t deny your nature, you aren’t impressing anyone. Decadence isn’t a sin but lying might cost you your joy.

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