Lovers, Di Chai, 4D Design ’23


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    80 inch x 80 inch

    Balloons,Artificial Intelligence (AI),Projection technology, Sound system

    “Lovers” is a multimedia installation using balloons and AI. Two floating balloons project AI-generated figures engaged in a dialogue on human emotions, self-objectification and the blurred line between humans and AI. As viewers approach, the balloons sway, heightening a sense of isolation. The floating AI figures symbolize the uncertainty of self-awareness and freedom in both human and AI. The installation challenges the boundaries between human and AI, and invites the audience to reflect on their own sense of self.

    Di’s work “Lovers” explores the relationship between humans and technology, using balloons and AI to express the pain and suspension within our inner selves. The “Balloon Identity” concept reflects the uncertainty and vulnerability of human self-awareness in an ever-evolving digital world. This immersive piece, through its AI-generated characters and their cold conversations, encourages audience interaction, challenging our understanding of connection and self-identification. The artwork aims to foster a dialogue on self-discovery and the complex relationship between humans, technology, and identity in today’s contemporary art landscape.

    This work is available for pre-order, with anticipated availability July 2023. Buyers will be contacted to complete payment when the work is available for purchase and pick up/shipping. 

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    Di is an enigmatic artist whose multifarious talents and intricately woven themes unravel the complexities of human connection and self-awareness. Possessing a rich background in Literature and linguistics, she has masterfully broadened her creative prowess to encompass multimedia creations that defy conventional artistic boundaries and stimulate dynamic audience engagement.

    In her work, Di delves into the enigmatic realms of the self and the labyrinthine nature of interpersonal ties. Utilizing balloons and cutting-edge artificial intelligence as conduits, she crafts poignant and disquieting experiences for her audience, compelling them to face their own interpretations of self and others.

    Drawing inspiration from the influential thoughts of Kevin Kelly, Di’s work contemplates the ethical dimensions and the transformative impact of emerging technologies such as AI within the fabric of human society. Through this philosophical lens, she meticulously dissects notions of identity and probes the intricate dance of human relationships in her avant-garde multimedia art.

    Undeterred by the inherent challenges faced by multimedia art practitioners, Di remains fervently dedicated to transcending limitations and pioneering innovative avenues of expression. Her ingenious design process entails anticipating audience responses and orchestrating immersive, confrontational encounters that provoke a profound reevaluation of viewers’ perceptions.

    In a world where art continually evolves, Di stands as a bold and visionary artist, fearlessly navigating the intricate interplay of human relationships and self-perception through groundbreaking multimedia experiences. Her work is a testament to the power of art to challenge, inspire, and transform.

    IG: @diiiichai