Loja & Eero Saarinen Hanging, Doug Jones, Print Media ’22


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    54″ x 70″

    Jacquard loom weaving

    This is the first experiment that I conducted in which I turn one of my large-scale drawings/palimpsestic mind maps into a tapestry.

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    As part of this year’s STUDIO sale, I am selling 50 of my monoprint versions of Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl painting. I am using a plate that I etched at Anderson Ranch, last summer. Each print will ‘say’ something different. This summer, I will work with Cranbrook alum, Gary Chapman, to practice archival drawing in Tennessee at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as a Windgate Fellow.

    Print media remains at the core of my approach to creating art. Reproduction carries with it a unique agency and set of technologies that allow us, commonly, to transcend space and time. A plate, like all media, requires a performative agency that is documented in marks and experiments. I intentionally explore materials; My research focuses on the palimpsest.

    I produce work in multiple media. First year, I cast light and shadows across 3D forms to produce narrative prints and photography. I also developed graphic, film, and sound collages. I worked in a small corner studio in the basement of the annex. Second year, my studio is at least twice the size and in the architecture department. I have immediate access to a metal shop and a woodshop. I regularly use this space to produce prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture, and various kinds of 3 dimensional forms. In the print media department and the architecture department, I am so incredibly fortunate to regularly participate in interdisciplinary dialogues, discussions, and critiques that span the entire academy by including classmates from each department.