Librarian’s Bouquet, Daeun Kang, Sculpture ’23

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    56″x 43″x 51″

    Douglas Fir, Oak, Plywood, Glue, and Pigments

    Librarian’s Bouquet is a still-life sculpture that speaks to vulnerability in human emotions. Constructing and carving from sawdust, processed woods, and tree trunks blurs the line between support and surface. Questioning the predominant perspective that shaped the varying means and modes of our presence in the digital age where we exist both as a subject and object- the work explores this inquiry through the contextual relationship between matter and form in the materiality of wood.

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    Daeun Kang (b. Seoul, Korea) is an artist who currently lives and works in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up under frequent relocation, diasporic experience has become central to Kang’s practice. She explores varying means and modes of human presence through creating a contextual narrative between matter and form; manifesting using sawdust, processed wood, and tree trunks. Her current sculptures are simultaneously deconstructive and constructive, creating overlapping positive and negative forms whose tactility recontextualizes the sculptural language and expression under Western Hegemony. Her work is born out of her interests in womanist theory and aesthetic theory.

    Daeun’s work has been exhibited in international venues, including the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), Woolf’s Day Collective, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, and the Nevven Gallery in Gothenburg. She is a recipient of the Cranbrook Academic Scholarship and an MFA candidate in Sculpture at Cranbrook Academy of Art. In 2017, she earned her BFA degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she was awarded Academic Honor Scholarships for full years. Throughout her academic career, she has won and received Gene Allcott Scholarship, Seoul Gifted Program National Merit, SCAD Academic and Achievement Scholarships, and the K2 Military Merit-Based Scholarship.

    IG: @domesticlife_