Iron Femur, Taylor M. Knight, Sculpture ’23


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    Oxidized cast iron

    anatomy,bones,bone,science,natural,metal,metal art,metal sculpture,iron,castiron,cast iron, rust

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    Taylor Knight is an interdisciplinary artist currently living in Pontiac, Michigan. She received her BFA in Art from Southern Methodist University and now pursues an MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her other areas of study include film and archaeology, which both inform the research-based facets of her practice. She is interested in the ways in which industrialized capitalism complicates our ability to form identities outside of consumerism, the way that it demands we organize our character around labor, and the way that it robs us of a deeper relationship with each other and our environments. Through this lens, Taylor’s works explore the effect of white, suburban, middle-class homogeneity on her own identity and connection to place. She does this using the iconography of suburban life as well as references to her own lived experience and family history in order to contrast those with the cultural signifiers and aesthetics of the rural midwestern culture she has transplanted herself in.

    IG: @taylor.m.knight