Hooks and Loops, Zena Segre, Fiber ’23

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    Clay, glaze, webbing, dissolvable fabric, thread, plastic buckles, rubber-dip, cord, paper pulp, bias tape, paracord, hardware, velcro, underwear lace elastics, superglue, brush bristles

    Zena Segre (they/she) is a California, Bay Area-based artist and educator with a background in interdisciplinary sculpture. Their work employs craft processes as a type of specialized vernacular, intended to incite curiosity and make more spacious common assumptions of functionality, adaptability, and human endurance. Using ceramics and fiber as touchstones for the material particulars of daily life, Zena imbues her work with the insistence that more imaginative worlds can and must be built around us. Since earning her BFA from California College of the Arts in 2013, Zena has gathered experience in arts education, art residencies, and small business production. She has taught ceramics for 6 years at institutions large and small, including The Berkeley Art Studio of UC Berkeley and private lessons in her own studio. Zena has exhibited work at American Craft Council shows, West Coast Craft, and other expositions in the California Bay Area. Now an MFA candidate at Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Zena’s work continues to center on imagination as an essential tool in our framing of gender, communication, labor, and the body.


    IG: @zsegre