Heavy Smile and Swollen Teeth, Shaina Kasztelan, Painting ’24

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    55″ W x 50 H x 9.5″ D

    Digital print on cotton, acrylic paint, glitter, rhinestones, synthetic hair, turkey feet, hot glue, plastic toy gun, plastic cowboy, beads, fabric doll masks, Nicholas Cage sequin pillow, Casper cake toppers, vintage embroidered purse, fake fur, wooden doll bench, crochet blanket, metal coat hook, Edward Mobley squeaky cat toy, stress ball, plastic monster hands, found handmade horse paper towel holder, wallpaper

    This piece combines 2D elements (digital print, paint) with 3D objects that are embedded and/or protruding from the canvas.

    Shaina Kasztelan is a multidisciplinary artist based in Detroit, Michigan. Her playful, psychedelic artwork takes on many forms including painting, sculpture and site reliant installation. She graduated with a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a concentration in painting and a minor in ceramics. Currently she is pursuing her MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI with a concentration in painting. Her work has been exhibited in various local art institutions including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Artist Market and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Painting murals has transported her work internationally from the NXNE Music Festival in Toronto, Canada to the CIMU Mural Festival in Mexico City, Mexico. In addition to creating work in her studio, Kasztelan has assisted many artists throughout her career, most notably in collaboration with a group of painters executing the work of Gabe Gault in Toledo, Ohio, which is currently the largest mural in the United States. Most recently she has spent time collaborating with a creative team producing parade floats for America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit as well as theatre sets for Wayne State University’s Hilberry Theatre.


    IG: @clowntearz