Half Stack, Sam Slipkovich, Painting ’24


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    75% post-consumer recycled cotton, 25% pre-consumer recycled polyester

    A knit patterned lap blanket based on quilting.

    Item is located in Detroit, MI. Local pickup available. No Domestic shipping is available for an additional fee. Contact aweisbrod@cranbrook.edu for a custom shipping quote. Local delivery available for $15 fee.

    My name is Sam Slipkovich I am a queer artist and designer born and raised in Nashville, TN. My mother was born in Alabama and my father was born in Yugoslavia, dually of southern heritage. My Auntie taught me to crochet and quilt, as her Auntie taught her, and her Auntie taught her.
    My work cruises presence by way of reflection. I am a quiltmaker and I am a weaver. I try to work in such a way that is referential to the traditional textile processes; in transformations and adaptations of pattern, between the historical and queer futurity. I question what, even transitory, can be represented by textiles. My work is a manifest of my diary, a vision muddled of my past and of my hopes–documentation, meditation, mourning, longing, and often ulterior forms of self-affirmation.

    IG: @dollmothr