HALF DIPPER, Michael Candy, 4D Design ’23


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    8X6X1.5 FEET

    Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Electronics, DC motor, Plastics, Silicone, Florescent Bulbs, fasteners

    ‘HALF DIPPER’ is a new kinetic light sculpture by Michael Candy. The work borrows from a long lineage of international award winning mechatronic installations by the artist (Big Dipper – 2014, Cryptid 2019).

    This robotic anomaly draws aesthetically from industrial machinery, robotic engineering, and emergent technology. ‘HALF DIPPER’ is a system in which no component is superfluous and every material intentional, presenting its workings as honestly as possible.

    The installation creates a slow hypnotic wave of light as it articulates the 14 fluorescent bulbs around a central helix. This immersive display of light and movement is effortlessly calm as it silently sways to an invisible breeze.

    FOR ADDITIONAL INFO PLEASE SEE: https://michaelcandy.com/HALF-DIPPER
    FOR PROCESS IMAGES PLEASE SEE: https://tinyurl.com/bdz65nnj

    Michael Candy is an artist whose work reflects the socio-political currents of contemporary technologies. Acting as a witness to the oppressive nature of cybernetics and digital culture, Candy positions the viewer in a physical and moral confrontation with issues challenging society.

    His installations, sculpture, and video works often emerge as social experiments or ecological interventions in public space. This didactic practice seeks to mediate the liminal realm that the digital age oppresses on the physical world.

    By directly interfacing the systems in question, Candy’s works enact the artist’s desire to reach a deeper register of audience feeling, endowing experiences–not spectacle. These robotic anomalies draw aesthetically from a lineage of post-industrial design, robotic engineering, and emergent technology.

    Candy has been involved in many international exhibitions and residencies, notably: Water, (GOMA, Brisbane), Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, (AGSA, Adelaide), Ars Electronica Festival, (Linz, Austria), The Kathmandu Triennale (Kathmandu, Nepal), The Forum of Sensory Motion (Athens, Greece), The Instrument Builders Project + Hackteria Lab (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), and Hawapi (Huepetuhe, Peru).

    Michael is also the winner of the WRO Award as part of the 16th Media Art biennale in Poland and Prix Cube in Paris. He has also been a finalist in the Jeremy Hynes Award (Brisbane, Australia) and the Bio Art and Design Award (The Hague, Netherlands).
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    IG: @mcandy_