Green Tri-Arm Chandelier, Nicholas Tilma, 3D Design ’23


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    44″ x 38″ x 20″

    Concrete, paint, PVC, PLA, Gear Ties, LED light bulbs

    A large three-armed chandelier with a green painted, sculpted concrete texture. The chanelier is held up with bright yellow Gear Ties, off-the-shelf products intended to be used to tie up cords, but adding a playful element to this composition. Comes with light bulbs, integrated orange power cord, and steel cable for ceiling mouting. Professional installation recommened.

    Item is located in Detroit, MI. Local pickup available. Shipping available via professional art shipper only. Contact for a custom shipping quote. 

    Nicholas Tilma is a designer and artist based in Detroit, Michigan. His practice focuses on recontextualizing the visual and material vocabulary of the built and natural environments into new functional compositions to create furniture, lighting, and objects, challenging the conventional aesthetics of domestic products. He received a BFA in Art & Design from the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan in 2015. He worked as a product designer at furniture company, Floyd, for six years while operating his personal studio practice simultaneously. He has shown work in New York City, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. He is currently attending Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI to pursue his MFA in 3D Design.

    IG: @nicholastilma