Fuzzy Figure #009, Jo Lobdell


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Color-aid on paper, frosted acrylic sheet

9″ x 12″

Please Note: This work is sold unframed. The print arrives mounted on gator board with a separate sheet of P95 frosted acrylic. This work will need to be framed with about a 1″ distance between the print and acrylic sheet in order to produce the fuzzy effect. Contact the artist if you are interested in a quote for receiving the work framed.

The Fuzzy Figures collage series suspends multicolored overlapping orbs behind a frosted lens. These forms resist immediate legibility, both in their lack of clarity as well as their curious and illogical overlapping colors. The delightful blurriness of these figures operates in sharp contrast to the challenges of vision impairment.

Item is located in Detroit, MI and Boston, MA. Pick up available. Domestic shipping included.

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