Fruit Puzzle Bowl, Zhiheng Gong, 4D Design ’22


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    Can be customized colors and textures and can be mass-produced

    This work was inspired by a Dutch designer Firdaws Fourcroy6, who helped users relate to behavior caused by schizophrenia. Throughout the design process, she redefines the word normal, allowing the so-called ordinary people to make strange behaviors because of the complicated tableware so that everyone’s behavior is consistent and there will be no more discrimination. I want to emulate the concept of allowing users to change their behavior by changing the equipment, changing their traditional use of tools, and letting people down their consumption. So, I made a puzzle bowl, which is a bowl full of organic shapes. People have to bypass the complicated structure to eat delicious food, just like a mouse passing through a layer of obstacles to reach the end to get a delightful reward.

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    My work focuses on food future design because this is a field full of unknowns and novelties. Generally speaking, an artwork has only visual, auditory, and tactile sensations, but no taste, and taste are important ways for people to understand the world. When a new diet or eating style appears in front of people, how will they respond?

    IG: @gong_zhiheng