Freedom of Flexible Flow, Freya Chufei Yang, Metalsmithing ’24

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    5.9 x 5.1 x4.7 inch

    I have studied fluid-like composite materials, and composite materials that can produce chance and randomness, and the various ways in which they can be combined with metals. With the range of jewelry wearing area and the different directions shown when the jewelry is born, it leads people to think about what people think about the wearing area of jewelry.

    Freya Yang was born in Beijing, China, and now resides in Detroit, MI, U.S.A. After receiving her babachelor’segree in art and Crafts at Nanjing University of Art in 2018, Yang was accepted into the MFA program in Metalsmithing at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit. Scheduled for graduation in 2024, Yang studies under the direction of Iris Eichenberg, where she continues her exploration of contemporary jewelry.
    During her more than four-year career in the art field, Yang has accumulated knowledge of jewelry design and metalworking skills. The creative idea for her artwork is based on her individual life experience. And most of the artwork she creates is presented in the form of a combination of mixed materials and traditional metalworking. These narrative artworks, in a reasonable yet unexpected form of expression, convey the author’s sensitive, contradictory, and emotional inner feelings.
    Like artists in other fields, Yang has found her own artistic language in metalsmithing. In addition, Freya believes that as an artist, the primary purpose of artwork is to serve and express the author themself, so you can find the theme of emotional expression, philosophical thinking, perceptual exploration, perfection of self-personality in her works.

    IG: @freya_chufei