FRAMING, McKenna Quandt, Sculpture ’22


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    38×34 in

    Window screen, blue penny fabric, blue and red thread, white screen paint, and medal ribbon.

    I’m thinking about the medal in my studio MOST DEDICATED. Is it glamorous? What does it mean? Why do we keep awards that are only important in that moment? Why do we want to remember and at the same time forget these events? Why are we still holding on? There is a waiting and a framing of a moment. Is it honest or is it for someone else?

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    Conversations are challenging, but even more challenging when trying to manifest ourselves to people who hold our essence as leverage. In response,  I use explore performance and language centered around the body and activation of movement.

    Within my work, I am examining and attempting to understand the spaces of control, organized structure, surveillance, reaction, impact, recovery, and learned behavior through connections between home and sport.

    IG: @mckennaquandtart