First Parish, Charlie Crowell, Sculpture ’23


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    16.25″ x 13″ x .5″

    Mixed media collage on wood

    Collage presented as a soupy memory of time and place

    Item is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Local pickup available. Domestic flat rate shipping available for an additional fee of $35.

    Charlie Crowell was born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts. He is a multidisciplinary artist who comes to Cranbrook from New York City. “I believe perception is a spectrum. We have an innate need to categorize our world. There is a desire to see events, people or things as either isolated components, interconnected systems, or entities just touching, brushing against one another. My work looks at that perceptual spectrum of how we define things as sovereign entities or constituent parts of a larger whole. Can things be both connected and disconnected? The work asks what is connected, what isn’t, and what emotions and histories drive entities toward or away from one another.”

    IG: @suburban_aloha